Tuan, 11 Turton Street (2021)

11 Turton Street, Tuan

This garden is about 9 months old with the current owners scaling down in size from their previous 3 acre garden at Bidwill. 

Creating the garden has not been without its challenges in the very sandy and nutrient-poor soil of Tuan so it’s been a lot of trial and error. 

The garden is an eclectic mix of gardenalia collected over many years from literally all over the country scouring garage sales, markets and the Maryborough Recycle Centre of course!

Plantings have been designed to create colourful spaces and attract bees and butterflies; and this is an ongoing work in progress along with the owner’s expanding succulent and bromeliad collections. 

Whilst visiting the garden take a little extra time to explore the beautiful foreshore of Tuan and the Sandy Strait which is only 200 metres from this property. 

Garden entry will be subject to Queensland Government COVID-19 Directives and we ask all visitors to be respectful of any additional requirements that we need to put in place to ensure that visitors and owners are kept safe.

We look forward to seeing you.


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