The Cistern Chapel

The Cistern Chapel Maryborough, Ladies Amenities

The Cistern Chapel will simply blow your mind – there is nothing like it!

The public toilet facilities in Maryborough City Hall (Kent Street, Maryborough Queensland) have been transformed into an inspirational and stunning public artwork that is enthralling visitors and locals.

The Cistern Chapel with its magical artwork spreads pure joy with plenty of cheeky, quirky humour to make people smile. There’s a downright festive air around the loos with the divine views!

When visiting the Maryborough Open Gardens please be sure to take time to schedule in a visit to the Cistern Chapel and have a comfort break while you marvel at the work that has been produced solely through the efforts of a dedicated group of Maryborough volunteers.

Michelangelo and the angels would be sure to sing their praises of this modern marvel!

2022 Maryborough Open Gardens

Town gardens are open on Saturday 27 August and country gardens are open on Sunday 28 August.

Accessible. Engaging. Inspirational. Sustainable. Welcoming

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