Maryborough, “Stirling” 14 North Street (2021)

Open Saturday 28 August 2021

14 North Street, Maryborough

The garden at Stirling dates back more than a 140 years and has the engaging charm of an English-style country garden.

The oldest surviving specimen in the garden is a giant, gnarled frangipani, which provides welcome shade in the hottest months and no doubt is the keeper of many of the stories and changes of the past 140 years. 

More recent plantings include a gardenia hedge, roses, camellias, agapanthas and plenty of annuals to ensure year round colour.

There are five arbours in the garden; three covered with the prolifically flowering petrea volubilus, one with a climbing pink rose, and one with the delicate Pierre de Ronsard rose.

One of the newest additions to the garden is a young jacaranda tree which is destined to be the shade and colour and keeper of the stories of Stirling’s future.

Garden entry will be subject to Queensland Government COVID-19 Directives and we ask all visitors to be respectful of any additional requirements that we need to put in place to ensure that visitors and owners are kept safe.

We look forward to seeing you.

♿ 🚌 🦼

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