Maryborough City Whistlestop and the Mary Ann Steam Train

The Maryborough City Whistle Stop volunteers maintain and operate the Mary Ann replica steam locomotive, manage their Railway Station Museum and work towards the preservation and restoration of the B15 steam locomotive #299.

They are located in the city of Maryborough, Queensland and aim to preserve our rich, local history of locomotive building and engineering. The volunteers also give visitors to our region the unique experience of riding in carriages pulled by the full-sized, working replica of the Mary Ann steam locomotive.

The Maryborough Railway Museum contains a small, but remarkable, collection of railway memorabilia and is located in the Railway Complex in Lennox Street, opposite St Paul’s Anglican Church.

For museum opening times and the Mary Ann operating schedule for public passengers please go the Whistle Stop web site using the ‘More info’ link below.

More info


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