2022 Maryborough, “Stirling” 14 North Street

Open Saturday 27 August 2022

14 North Street, Maryborough

The gardens have been established for more than 140 years. To keep history alive and current the gardens are undergoing major changes and enhancements, to continue the enchantment of the magnificent house and gardens.

There are 2 beautiful working fountains. The original intricate smaller fountain, and the larger 3-tiered fountain, housing the ever-growing Goldfish population.

Garden seats (wood/iron) have been restored to provide peaceful resting places. The hedges have been replanted, arbours remain, with 2 Petrea Volubilis and the others with Yellow Bells, Jasmine and Climbing Roses.

New plantings include Summer Sense, Murraya, Gardenias, Rhoeo, Bromeliads, Magnolias, Rosemary, Lavender, Grevilleas, Lilies, Blue Eyes and an array of annuals.

Large floral baskets provide splashes of colour along with pretty painted pots loaded with succulents, throughout the gardens. Gorgeous flower boxes adorn windows and a large Crocus Garden and memorial embrace the house entrance.

We look forward to seeing you.

♿ 🚌 🦼

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